2021 Baseball Schedule

Feb 28, 2020

Welcome to Albuquerque Roller Derby's official website! We are thrilled to present to you the 2021 Baseball Schedule where you can find all the exciting upcoming games, opponents, dates, and locations. As a sports enthusiast, this is the perfect place for you to plan your visit and support your favorite team in the thrilling world of roller derby.

A Glimpse into Albuquerque Roller Derby

Albuquerque Roller Derby is a pioneering sports organization that has revolutionized the art of roller derby. We take pride in our commitment to delivering thrilling and action-packed games to our loyal fans. With a focus on athleticism and teamwork, our athletes display incredible skills, making every match a must-see event.

Immerse Yourself in the 2021 Baseball Schedule

Our 2021 Baseball Schedule is designed to provide you with all the information you need to plan your next visit to a roller derby game. Whether you are a die-hard fan or a newcomer to the sport, our schedule caters to all enthusiasts.

Upcoming Games

Don't miss out on the high-octane action happening on the roller derby track. Our upcoming games promise to keep you on the edge of your seat. Check out the thrilling lineup below:

  • Game 1: Albuquerque Rollers vs. Santa Fe Strikers - July 15th, 2021
  • Game 2: Albuquerque Rollers vs. Rio Grande Rippers - July 22nd, 2021
  • Game 3: Albuquerque Rollers vs. Taos Thunderbolts - August 5th, 2021
  • Game 4: Albuquerque Rollers vs. Los Alamos Lightning - August 12th, 2021

Be sure to mark these dates on your calendar, as they promise to be electrifying encounters that will leave you wanting more.

Opponents and Locations

To make it convenient for our fans, we have secured top-notch venues for our games. Below are the details of the opponents and locations:

  1. Santa Fe Strikers - The Civic Arena, Albuquerque, NM
  2. Rio Grande Rippers - Southside Sports Complex, Albuquerque, NM
  3. Taos Thunderbolts - Taos Convention Center, Taos, NM
  4. Los Alamos Lightning - Los Alamos Community Center, Los Alamos, NM

Each location provides a unique atmosphere that enhances your experience as a spectator while witnessing the roller derby action up close.

Why Attend Albuquerque Roller Derby Games?

Albuquerque Roller Derby's games are not just about the sport. They are an immersive experience that guarantees an adrenaline rush like no other. When you attend our games, you become part of a vibrant and passionate community that celebrates athleticism and camaraderie. Here's why you should join us:

1. Unparalleled Energy

Our athletes bring an unparalleled level of energy to every game. From jam starts to strategic maneuvers, you will be amazed by their agility and determination. The atmosphere in the stadium is contagious, with cheering supporters adding to the overall excitement.

2. Thrilling Competition

Albuquerque Roller Derby attracts top-notch teams from across the region, setting the stage for intense and thrilling competition. Fast-paced jams and strategic plays keep fans on their feet, eagerly anticipating the next move.

3. Inclusive Community

We pride ourselves on fostering an inclusive community that welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds. Our games are a safe space for everyone to come together and enjoy the sport they love. Regardless of your age, gender, or knowledge of roller derby, you will feel right at home.

4. Family-Friendly Entertainment

Bring the whole family along to witness the excitement of roller derby. Our games offer a fun and family-friendly environment where attendees of all ages can create lasting memories.

5. Support Local Athletes

By attending Albuquerque Roller Derby games, you are supporting local athletes and contributing to the growth of the sport in our community. Your presence matters, and it motivates our athletes to continue striving for excellence.

Get Your Tickets Now!

Don't miss out on the thrill, excitement, and community spirit of Albuquerque Roller Derby's 2021 Baseball Schedule. Secure your tickets today and be a part of roller derby history. Join us as we cheer on our incredible athletes and witness heart-stopping moments that will leave you in awe.

Visit our 2021 Baseball Schedule page for more information and to book your tickets now!

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