Doug Martin - Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator

Jun 28, 2020


Welcome to the world of Albuquerque Roller Derby, where passion, dedication, and strategic excellence come together to create a winning team. At the helm is Doug Martin, our esteemed head coach and offensive coordinator. Join us as we delve into the life, accomplishments, and coaching philosophy of this remarkable individual.

An Accomplished Leader

Doug Martin's journey in the realm of roller derby spans over two decades. With an impressive track record of success, he has established himself as one of the most outstanding coaches in the sport. Known for his strategic brilliance and exceptional leadership skills, Doug has taken Albuquerque Roller Derby to new heights.

Coaching Philosophy

Doug Martin firmly believes in the power of teamwork and collaboration. He emphasizes the importance of fostering a positive and inclusive team culture, where athletes are encouraged to push their limits and support one another. Doug's coaching philosophy revolves around the principle of continuous improvement, constantly challenging the team to strive for greatness both on and off the track.

Strategic Expertise

When it comes to the tactical aspect of roller derby, Doug Martin's expertise is unparalleled. His ability to analyze opponents, devise effective game plans, and make real-time adjustments during matches is truly remarkable. Doug's strategic genius has enabled Albuquerque Roller Derby to overcome formidable challenges, earning them a reputation as a formidable force in the sport.

Shaping Champions

Under Doug Martin's guidance, many talented athletes have blossomed into champions. His unwavering commitment to the development of individual skill sets, combined with a focus on teamwork, has resulted in numerous accolades for Albuquerque Roller Derby. Doug's dedication to each team member's personal growth and success sets him apart as a coach who truly invests in the future of the sport.

Contributions to Roller Derby

In addition to his role as head coach and offensive coordinator at Albuquerque Roller Derby, Doug Martin has made significant contributions to the roller derby community as a whole. He has conducted coaching clinics, sharing his knowledge and experience with aspiring coaches around the country. Furthermore, Doug has been a vocal advocate for the sport, working tirelessly to promote roller derby's values of empowerment, athleticism, and inclusivity.


In conclusion, Doug Martin's influence on Albuquerque Roller Derby and the wider roller derby community cannot be overstated. With a wealth of experience, a strategic mindset, and a passion for developing champions, Doug continues to shape the future of the sport. Join us at Albuquerque Roller Derby and witness his impact firsthand as we strive for greatness under his exceptional leadership.

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