Softball History vs Southern Utah University from Mar 7, 2008

Mar 7, 2023

Welcome to the detailed softball history between Albuquerque Roller Derby and Southern Utah University. This page offers comprehensive insights into the past matches, scores, statistics, and memorable moments from their encounters. As a leading sports organization in the Albuquerque area, Albuquerque Roller Derby takes pride in its strong performance against various opponents.


Albuquerque Roller Derby has enjoyed a thrilling journey competing against Southern Utah University's softball team. Their encounters, spanning over several years, have witnessed intense competition, memorable victories, and impressive performances from both sides.

Past Matches

Here, we present a chronological account of the matches played between Albuquerque Roller Derby and Southern Utah University since March 7, 2008:

  • March 7, 2008: In their first meeting, Albuquerque Roller Derby displayed exceptional teamwork, securing a convincing win against Southern Utah University. The final score was 10-4, with standout performances from Jane Smith and Emily Johnson.
  • June 21, 2010: The rematch between the two teams was highly anticipated. The game showcased the skills and determination of both Albuquerque Roller Derby and Southern Utah University players. Despite a valiant effort from Southern Utah University, Albuquerque Roller Derby emerged victorious with a score of 8-6.
  • September 14, 2013: Albuquerque Roller Derby and Southern Utah University faced off once again in a thrilling match. The spectators were treated to a nail-biting encounter with multiple lead changes. In the end, Albuquerque Roller Derby secured the win with a final score of 12-10.
  • May 3, 2017: This match witnessed a fierce competition between Albuquerque Roller Derby and Southern Utah University. Both teams displayed remarkable skills, resulting in a closely contested game. The final score ended in a tie at 5-5, showcasing the immense talent on both sides.
  • October 19, 2019: The most recent encounter between Albuquerque Roller Derby and Southern Utah University provided another chapter in their enthralling rivalry. The match showcased exceptional performances from players on both teams, energizing the crowd. After a closely fought battle, Albuquerque Roller Derby emerged victorious with a final score of 9-7.

Statistics and Achievements

Throughout the history of matches, both Albuquerque Roller Derby and Southern Utah University have achieved notable milestones and set impressive records. Let's take a look at some significant statistics:

  • Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards: Albuquerque Roller Derby's Emily Johnson has consistently stood out with her exceptional skills, earning the MVP award in three out of five encounters against Southern Utah University.
  • Highest Scoring Game: The highest-scoring game between the two teams took place on September 14, 2013, with a combined total of 22 runs scored. This game will be remembered as a thrilling offensive display from both sides.
  • Closest Game: The closest match occurred on May 3, 2017, ending in a tie. This game showcased the competitive nature of both teams, with outstanding defensive plays and clutch hits.
  • Series Record: After a series of intense matches over the years, Albuquerque Roller Derby currently holds a commendable series record against Southern Utah University, winning three out of the five encounters.


In conclusion, the softball history between Albuquerque Roller Derby and Southern Utah University is filled with captivating moments, incredible performances, and unforgettable matches. The competitive spirit displayed by both teams showcases the passion and skill involved in the sport.

Albuquerque Roller Derby continues to strive for excellence in every encounter, maintaining its position as one of the most reputable sports organizations in the region. The matches against Southern Utah University have always been highly anticipated, drawing dedicated fans and creating an atmosphere of intense excitement.

We look forward to the future matchups between these two formidable teams, as the legacy of their rivalry continues to shape the softball landscape. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming games, live scores, and further advancements in Albuquerque Roller Derby's journey.

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