2016-17 Women's Swimming and Diving Roster

Dec 14, 2017


Welcome to the 2016-17 Women's Swimming and Diving Roster of Albuquerque Roller Derby! In this section, you will find detailed information about the talented athletes who contributed to the team's success during that season. Each member showcased impressive skills and dedication, making them a force to be reckoned with in the world of sports.

The Team

Meet the extraordinary athletes who made up the 2016-17 Women's Swimming and Diving Roster:

Athlete 1

Name: [Athlete 1 Name] Position: [Athlete 1 Position] Accolades: [Athlete 1 Achievements]

Athlete 2

Name: [Athlete 2 Name] Position: [Athlete 2 Position] Accolades: [Athlete 2 Achievements]

Athlete 3

Name: [Athlete 3 Name] Position: [Athlete 3 Position] Accolades: [Athlete 3 Achievements]

Athlete 4

Name: [Athlete 4 Name] Position: [Athlete 4 Position] Accolades: [Athlete 4 Achievements]

Athlete 5

Name: [Athlete 5 Name] Position: [Athlete 5 Position] Accolades: [Athlete 5 Achievements]

Contributions and Achievements

The 2016-17 Women's Swimming and Diving Roster of Albuquerque Roller Derby left an indelible mark on the sport. Each athlete displayed remarkable talent and played a crucial role in the team's accomplishments.

Team Achievements

  • [Team Achievement 1]
  • [Team Achievement 2]
  • [Team Achievement 3]

Athlete Contributions

Let's delve into the outstanding contributions made by each athlete:

[Athlete 1 Name]

[Athlete 1 Name] demonstrated exceptional [specific skill], propelling the team to victory in multiple events. Her commitment to excellence and tireless efforts during the season elevated the team's performance to new heights.

[Athlete 2 Name]

[Athlete 2 Name] showcased unmatched [specific skill], consistently setting new records and challenging her opponents. Her determination and unwavering focus played an integral role in the team's overall success throughout the season.

[Athlete 3 Name]

[Athlete 3 Name] proved to be a valuable asset to the team, demonstrating remarkable [specific skill]. Her ability to adapt to different events and deliver outstanding performances under pressure significantly contributed to the team's victories.

[Athlete 4 Name]

[Athlete 4 Name] stood out among her peers with her exceptional [specific skill]. She consistently pushed her limits and achieved remarkable results, earning the admiration and respect of both teammates and competitors.

[Athlete 5 Name]

[Athlete 5 Name] exemplified the spirit of resilience and determination, consistently improving her [specific skill] and pushing the team towards success. Her unwavering dedication and exceptional performances inspired her teammates, solidifying their bond and elevating their performance as a whole.


The 2016-17 Women's Swimming and Diving Roster of Albuquerque Roller Derby showcased incredible talent, determination, and passion for the sport. With their remarkable achievements and contributions, they etched their names in the annals of swimming and diving history. Each athlete played an integral role in the team's success, and their efforts continue to inspire future generations of swimmers and divers. Stay tuned for more updates on their continued excellence!

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Aug 5, 2023
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Jul 29, 2023
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A thrilling season with remarkable performances!
Apr 30, 2023
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Dec 21, 2022
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Dec 19, 2021
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May 25, 2020
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Nov 11, 2019
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Mar 20, 2018
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Dec 27, 2017